Faith In Action Programs

Faith – The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization of men who are dedicated to their faith and families first and foremost. As such, our goal is always to strengthen our faith as a brotherhood. Pope Saint John Paul II once referred to the Knights of Columbus as the “strong right arm” of the Catholic church and we strive to live up to that standard.

Community – As Knights of Columbus, our mission has been the same since our inception: charity, unity and brotherhood. As part of that mission, we constantly strive to find new ways to serve our parish, our families, and our community. Through our community programs we strive to help the sick, disabled, and hungry.

Family – Our founder, Father Michael J McGivney, believed in strong Christian family values and that virtue still permeates our organization today. From the consecration of our families to the Holy Family to the strengthening of our bonds to our parish and community, the Knights of Columbus believe that the education of our faith begins at home. We call this process Building the Domestic Church and it requires family prayer, dedication to our church, and spending time celebrating the Eucharist.

Life – It’s no secret that a centerpiece to the Catholic faith is protecting the sanctity of all human life. As Knights of Columbus, we pride ourselves on showing support for those who would seek to protect life in all its forms, whether for the unborn or those awaiting capital punishment.

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