Get To Know Our Council

Meet some of the leaders at Council #12012 at St. Henry/St. Matthew. Please feel free to come and say hi to us at school or at Mass!

Ken Warren

Grand Knight

Ken and his wife Helen are parishioners at St. Henry and Ken has been with the Council since 2015. Ken thoroughly enjoys working alongside Brother Knights and making a difference in our Parish and Community.   Building faith through this Fraternal Order has been very rewarding for Ken. 

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Josh Jackson

Deputy Grand Knight

Josh and his wife Erin have been parishioners at St. Henry since 2018. Josh joined the Knight of Columbus in 2019 and enjoys being a part of the Fraternal Order and Parish life.

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David Cliffel


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Buist Richardson

Financial Secretary

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Mark Abolins


Recorder Mark Abolins and wife Ginger Lynn-Abolins live in Bellevue. Their son Aidan is a student at Saint Matthew School.

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Granger Brown


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Nick Perenich


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Paul Downey


A convert to Catholicism, Paul Downey became a Knight in 2018. He came to St. Henry’s in 2017 from St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows. A photographer and web designer and developer, Paul lives in Nashville with his wife, Liza, and four children.

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Steve Gild

Community Director

Steve has been a Parishioner of St. Henry since 1995.  Father of three boys, all graduates of St. Henry School.  Community Director programs include Highway Clean-Up, Soccer Challenge, Free Throw Challenge, Helping Hands Program (charity for the needy).  Attachments area

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Bob Binkley


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Jim Kiser

1st Year Trustee and Past Grand Knight

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Ed Goodrich

2nd Year Trustee

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D. Kent Skinner

Third Year Trustee

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Tom Noble

Inside Guard

Otto Lewis

Outside Guard

How can our Council serve you?

Where there is a need, there is a Knight!

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